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About ME

True story behind an artist

I born in Ahmedabad to a family not only privileged in their affluence, but also privileged in their thoughts and actions. As a child, the importance of self exploration, experimentation and creating something new was instilled into me by my father who was my first art teacher. I still remember those fond memories of playing with brush, colors and a variety of other elements that laid the foundation of the artist in me.

Development of Style

While studying art, I enjoyed painting, figurative art work and developed a unique style based on my surroundings. The impression of social realism played a very important role in my life at this developed elementary stage.

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The Journey Onwards – London

Nature has always inspired me to out perform myself each time. The perfection of nature is what I try to capture through the eyes of heaven's angel that looks at the marvelous creation of god.

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The Solo Show in Dallas, Texas, USA

I have presented my solo shows in Dallas, Texas, USA. I would say it is not a spontaneous expression but it is assemblage of juxtaposition of a variety of material at one place. It has created a nostalgic space and composition.

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Latest shows & events