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About Preksha Kapadia

Contemporary Visual Artist


I born in Ahmedabad to a family not only privileged in their affluence, but also privileged in their thoughts and actions. As a child, the importance of self exploration, experimentation and creating something new was instilled into me by my father who was my first art teacher. I still remember those fond memories of playing with brush, colors and a variety of other elements that laid the foundation of the artist in me.

As an eight year old, I took a pledge to become a successful artist and leave an indelible impression in the world of the arts and the larger society alike, and the commitment has stuck with me to this very day. I would like to be remembered by the art I created. I hope to make a lasting impact and create a new dimension for the future generation to look forward to. During the early 90's, at the tender age of 10, I remember flocking to paint advertisements, hoardings, portraits and art installations as an assistant to my father. This is the time I learnt bold application of strokes with high perfection which later interweaved itself with the basic process of creating art during my school years.


While studying art, I enjoyed painting, figurative art work and developed a unique style based on my surroundings. During the same time frame, my mother had been working on a sewing machine and I managed to absorb the entire process in my psyche, and the daily life of that time period molded my artistic temperament. Another subject that I covered in detail was my father's life, since he has always been my role model, this shows my interest in conceptual compositional figurative painting, developing of surface and layer process. The impression of social realism played a very important role in my life at this developed elementary stage.

The 20th century American Modernist work has had a lasting impression on my work, especially those of Harvey Edward Fisk and Owen Smith. Furthermore, the works of Norman Rockwell and Edward Hopper also led to research American Art and this made me realize the scope of an artist's development in American Art Institutions. A lot of soul searching and contemplation led to a lot of experimentation. I employed various techniques to manifest my emotions on the canvas. Initially, I used paint pouring on canvas followed by dripping techniques. I enjoyed using liquid paint and laid the entire canvas on my studio floor.

After acquiring the basic skill and understanding of art, my Fine Arts education prompted me to rediscover my art through a series of experimentation using various materials and surfaces. My father's advice was to listen to my inner voice and then paint. Gradually, abstraction and expression manifested in my art works with further practice through reading and understanding what art is and how to express it on the surface.


Nature has always inspired me to out perform myself each time. The perfection of nature is what I try to capture through the eyes of heaven's angel that looks at the marvelous creation of god. Nature has ignited a passion in me to embody it on canvas. It is a long conversation with nature when I surrender to its depths that the narration shapes itself in the form of an abstract landscape on Canvas through the same process of Spontaneous application. I emphasize spontaneity because it is an attribute of my actual personality that I discovered in the process of painting. I believe a painting is always the mirror of the artist and your reflection is always who you truly are, you cannot beautify it, it is just what it is, an entity that simply is. It is pure and raw just like the strokes of spontaneous application.

In 2010, I visited London. I have in time come to realize that I have been on a long sojourn that hasn't yet ended. On the first day at Tate Modern on the day of my 29th birthday, I evaluated my priorities, admitted where I was and prioritized where I have to reach. At the same time, I had become much more confident that my art had surpassed national boundaries and was going to shape into a more universal identity which gave me even more faith in my abilities and future. During my short course at the University of Arts, London, I contemplated on the need for a much more specialized technique for my art work. I also learnt how to raise a question to the viewer and how the art can itself be the viewer's question and his answer paper at the same time. I learnt what could support my thought process better homogeneous art or heterogeneous art.

I capitalized on the chance to visit some of the best art galleries in the world here viz. The National Gallery, Portrait Gallery, The British Museum, The V&A Museum, The renowned Tate Modern and plenty others that gave me a rare glimpse into the evolution of British culture and art reflected into pre-Elizabethan, Victorian, the vintage and the post modern era in the form of the vivid variety of art works I came across. The uninhibited expressionism and application of art and the variety of techniques immensely impressed me. Apart from this journey, my sketchbook has given me a more consistent whispering support that reflects in my practice. I have discovered a way to develop my language by exploring my raw past. I needed to find my roots and began my journey from early life to the present state as of them. Recent arrival is not just a gateway to the future but also of my personal surroundings, my domain, where I come from, what inspires me to use colors and interweaving my art threads which might be completely different from current subjects of practice.

Again time ignited a new passion to my inner thought process where I could find my lost way or which step might take me to the right staircase of an early stage. Through the dialectic way of redialing into my past, I went back to my early life, where I come from, all that surrounded me, all that was an essence of premature time and connection.


I have presented my solo shows in Dallas, Texas, USA. I would say it is not a spontaneous expression but it is assemblage of juxtaposition of a variety of material at one place. It has created a nostalgic space and composition. It was all about materials and the process that led to a dialogue in the larger society through my own interpretation. Fabrics and threads have been a rich part of my identity in the society I have been raised where the intellectual can interpret the forms through his language of art and the laymen can connect through his level of imagination. However, for me it is a way of life, the process of living just like birth and death. From the very seed of cotton, threads are processed transformed into fabrics and dying and stitching and then recycling. It is the very process of nature, the metamorphosis that I have reconstructed in my art work.

Material always plays a crucial role in developing art in accordance with the nature of the artist, the creator. I am very sensitive and transparent by nature, which is why I have directly commented through the fragile and sensitive characteristics of the raw cotton fabric. Expression comes naturally to me which am effectively communicated through the usage of cotton as a direct reflection of my emotions. In addition, my relationship with the fabric of cotton has been lifelong. After a long period of time, the universe has given me the permission to poetry this element and bringing it to life on my canvas.